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Emotional Intelligence - our future depends on it



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Self-esteem & Emotional Intelligence

The new, revolutionary approach to developing high self-esteem and understanding and managing your emotions



Disinterest in learning






Low self-esteem

Eating disorders – obesity, bulimia, anorexia… Problems with body image

Bullying – being bullied

Staying in less than satisfying or even abusive relationships

Anger - Hostility - Violence

Alcohol and drug dependence

Thoughts of suicide


You can change these emotional habits with Neuro-Linguistic Programming !




Keith Gilbert - NLP Consulting

Author - "neuro-linguistic programming: Self-esteem & Emotional Intelligence" - You can view the book at Lulu




One of the biggest problems facing our youth today is low self-esteem.   We all know the indicators of low self-esteem; obesity and eating disorders, anger, depression, low motivation, hopelessness, alcohol dependence, drug addiction, violence, crime, attempts at suicide… and the list goes on.   A solution is needed of the utmost urgency to protect our children from a life of despair.  

A solution does exist in the technology of Neuro-Linguistic Programming.   My goal is to inform as many people as possible about the origins of low self-esteem and how we can encourage young people to develop high self-esteem and emotional intelligence with Neuro-Linguistic Programming.


Emotional Intelligence is the key to a healthier, happier and friendlier world. The more people learn how to apply the technology of Neuro-Linguistic Programming the sooner we will realise this dream.


You can purchase the paperback version of my book ‘neuro-linguistic programming: Self-esteem & Emotional Intelligence’ or an ebook version which you can download. Both are available from Lulu at,  

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Keith Gilbert




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