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Liberating Parents


Keith Gilbert's book Neuro-Linguistic Programming: Liberating Parents is a breakthrough in understanding parenting and the development of parenting skills. The author appreciates as I do from my own 23 years of fatherhood that it's a parent's willingness to develop and improve ourselves that produces most surely the health, happiness and success we want for our children. I hope Keith's work receives the acclaim it deserves. This is my favourite parenting book ever.


Bob Collier - Publisher of the Parental Intelligence Newsletter


When I teach parents how they can apply NLP to their own lives they soon see how they can influence their children in exceptional ways. If you have children then you want to ensure that they keep what’s most important to any person… the freedom to choose.

With Liberating Parents you can learn NLP to explore what’s important to you, set personal goals, develop greater behavioural flexibility and generate resourceful states of mind otherwise known as Emotional Intelligence.

Liberating Parents - it's about modeling the desire to learn.


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Parenting - the ultimate proving ground for personal development

Liberating Parents - Preparing for the most important task of all... Parenting!


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