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Mind Virus:
Freedom from Limitation


Keith Gilbert, author of my favourite parenting book, gets to the heart of the problem

with affirmations as they're conventionally presented and offers an alternative way of

looking at them that's more respectful of our individuality.  This is a book written by a

thinker and for me this author's perspective is always a mentally stimulating change

from that of the hacks and parrots I so frequently encounter in this particular genre.

Bob Collier


"The only appropriate affirmations

are those that I design for myself."



The Mind Virus is made up of limiting and impoverishing ideas.

These ideas can become habitual ways of thinking that can

motivate us to think that we cannot have the experiences we

want.  They can make us unhealthy, unhappy and dissatisfied

with life.

How can we build our mental immunity against the Mind Virus?

We can offer our unconscious minds a new and different way

of focusing our attention.  These are Antiviral Affirmations;

affirmations that you create that are appropriate to you


Mind Virus Classes

In these classes you will be able to create your own affirmations

using Neuro-linguistic Programming (NLP) for,



-    Phobias, anxiety, panic and fears

-    Stress

-    Weight loss and eating disorders

-    Depression

-    Dealing with grief, loss and change

-    Unwanted habits and limiting beliefs

-    Alcohol and drug dependence



Improving relationships



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